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Any British Cousins About?

I've finally gotten my ancestral curiosity awakened, and it's amazing the work that's been done by some very diligent sleuths.

This image is of a line of Meredith ancestry descending from a William of Crowle Childe, who is the son of Richard Childe, of Middlesex, England.  So far there's nothing listed previous to that.  In another ancestral line in the Lindsey/Lindsay lineage, it traces back to France, about 1070.

I'm amazed with all of it.  So, anyone have similar heritage?

Richard is the 14th great grandfather of Glenna

1. Glenna is the daughter of Maurice Meredith
2. Maurice is the son of Frederick Joseph Meredith
3. Frederick is the son of Cora (Morris) Meredith
4. Cora is the daughter of Surrilda A. (McClendon) Meredith
5. Surrilda is the daughter of Dorothy (Milsap) Williams 

6. Dorothy is the daughter of Thomas Milsap
7. Thomas is the son of Thomas Millsaps
8. Thomas is the son of Nancy Ann (Martin) Millsaps
9. Nancy is the daughter of Susannah Page (Chiles) Martin
10. Susannah is the daughter of John Chiles
11. John is the son of Walter Chiles Jr.
12. Walter is the son of Walter Chiles Sr.
13. Walter is the son of Walter Chiles
14. Walter is the son of John Childe
15. John is the son of William of Crowle Childe
16. William of Crowle is the son of Richard Childe
This makes Richard the 14th great grandfather of Glenna.

And then there's this, which started as a Lindsay search and landed squarely with the Merediths... again.

The last two are listed as uncertain, but the trail does lead to them.  This is 10th century... seriously. I'm becoming a fan of geneology.

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Word of the Day + 1



[HER-mih-tij]Part of speech: noun

Origin: greek, 14th century

  • A secluded residence
  • The home of a hermit

Examples of Hermitage in a sentence

  • We bought our lake home with five acres of land because we needed a hermitage to escape to. 
  • While walking through the woods, the kids discovered a hermitage that seemed abandoned.

About Hermitage

Hermit, one who lives in seclusion, plus the suffix “-age,” meaning place of living or business, gives you hermitage. While you can use it quite literally to describe the home of a hermit, it is also used to describe a retreat or hideaway. You can also apply it to describe a religious dwelling, such as a monastery.

Did you Know?

Yes, hermitage means an isolated or secluded residence, but it’s such a great sounding word that it’s been adopted as the name of many towns and villages. You can visit Hermitage in England (in Dorset and Berkshire!), Scotland, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and even the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Yesterday's Word...



[meel-YOO]Part of speech: noun

Origin: french, late 18th century

  • A surrounding culture and environment
  • The atmosphere or ambiance

Examples of Milieu in a sentence

  • The mark of a good sci-fi novel is an elaborate milieu for the characters to inhabit. 
  • The milieu of the neighborhood changed after the mega grocery store opened up. 

About Milieu

With its French inspiration, milieu appears to be quite a sophisticated word. Its original usage was to describe one’s place in society — were you a member of the upper-crust milieu or were you working class? The definition has expanded to describe the general neighborhood and environmental surroundings, not just social standing.

Did you Know?

Milieu is a loan word, or a word taken from another language with no modification. In French, milieu means middle, or, just like in English, the setting or environment. There’s also a French phrase, “au milieu de,” which means “in the middle of.”

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Impersonating Darkness - Impromptu Challenge

Okay, I'll go first.  And as an additional nudge towards getting all of us writing, if anyone is interested in writing the next chapter to this, we'll make it a bit of a round robin or call and response story.  Just say so in the comments.

The room was elegantly designed, with classical elements that defied the mod attitude of the decade.  An anonymous source had lured Napoleon and Illya here with the promise of a THRUSH document that detailed plans for a disaster in the city.  Waverly had cautioned them to the possibilities of a trap before sending them out to challenge that probability.  Upon arriving at this address they had found the door unlocked, and in spite of repeated attempts to rouse someone, they seemed to be alone.

The agents were on alert, with guns drawn in anticipation of … it was hard to say.  They returned to what appeared to be the drawing room, and old fashioned idea from a more formal era.  One single chair seemed poised for a game of solitaire.  As Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin took in every detai of the room their eyes fell simultaneously on a gilded mirror.

“Umm… what’s wrong with that Illya?” Napoleon was looking into the mirror, but it was not a reflection he saw.

Collapse )

Where In The Fandom Are You?

It seems as though the fandom of MFU is less active recently, perhaps over a period of a year or more.  I hear murmurs of other fandoms pulling at writers, although personally, I have had little interest in anything other than MFU.  It was where I discovered this world of fan fiction and, indeed, fandom itself.  I guess I'm just not that curious about the after life regarding anyone except Solo and Kuryakin.
That is not to say my own preferences should apply to anyone else, just to be clear.
So, where are you these days? We've gone from a glut of stories to a handful, if that. Are you simply tired of writing, out of time and energy or no longer hanging on every adventure from our intrepid spies?
Let's talk about it. Some of the questions may not apply to you, so leave fields blank if that's the case.

Poll #2098568 Where Are You?

Do you or have you written fanfiction?


Do you or have you written for MFU?


Are you still writing for MFU?


If not, are there specific reasons?


Care to share the reasons for taking time off from MFU?

time in general
lack of interest
other fandoms
something else...

Can you tell us why you no longer write?

Do you think you will write for MFU again, or if still active, continue to write?

Is there anything that would compel you to come back to the fandom and write again?


My Super Power Is Persistence...

S7 RR.jpg
Okie Dokie... The Christmas Round Robin is shaping up with a fine roster of writer elves ready to assemble a grand story for the season.  Here's the latest update to the list of brilliant storytellers, and there's room for two more.  I have the first and last chapters, so ten and eleven are wide open for two brave souls.
You can add your name to the list in the comments below.


If you've not read it yet, here's a preview of the prompt that will serve as Chapter 1.
S7 RR.jpgS7 RR.jpg

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Long Story Affair Challenge begins posting on September 22, the 55th Anniversary of the premiere of The Man from UNCLE.
Long Story Affair Challenge begins posting on September 22, the 55th Anniversary of the premiere of The Man from UNCLE.

Stories should be 5000 words minimum, TV/Gen and have as principle characters the cast of the show... Napoleon Solo, Illya Kuryakin and Alexander Waverly.  Additional characters from the series, the Girl from UNCLE and OC's are also welcome.


As Illya would say, 'We're all in the soup together'.

long story.jpg

We talked about this last week and now it's a Thing.  We will be having a Long Story challenge with a minimum word count of 5000.  The show premiered on September 22, 1964, which leads me to suggest we begin posting on September 22, 2019. That's a 55 year Anniversary, and I think an appropriate date for us to shoot for.
The stories should be:

  • Gen-centric (canonesque in nature, neither Het nor Slash)

  • Minimum 5000 words

  • Principle characters are Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin.  Other characters from the show and original characters are welcome, but our two heroes should carry the stories.

Here's an interesting little article to add to our trivia file: We TV
Let's write some words people!
Two months, that's only around 85 words a day.
We can do this!